(BPT) - You know the story of how opposites attract? The straight-laced girl goes for the wild guy, or the stiff-necked, career-minded lawyer and the freewheeling Phish fan fall hopelessly in love?

It’s a great story! We all love them. And maybe we love them because they’re so darn complicated, and sometimes, difficult.

So what happens when this couple goes on vacation?

Well, if they go to the right place, there will be minimal disagreement. In fact, as long as they’re both open to trying new things, their vacation will be a wild success, not to mention a lot more varied and interesting than if two like-minded people traveled with one another.

Ely is one place that offers the best of both worlds, with plenty of opportunity for everyone to try something new.

So today, we’ll look at how Ely is a great place for both the adventurous soul and the person who just wants to luxuriate and enjoy themselves.

Adventure awaits

It might seem a bit redundant to talk about how Ely is an ideal place for the person who’s looking for adventure. The gateway to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, with quick access to mountain bike trails, hiking and unspoiled wilderness galore, people come here to connect with nature, to get their pulse rate fired up and experience a way of life that’s wholly different from what they know in the city.

But it’s not for everyone.

Some might have a more soothing idea in mind. Rather than portaging between crystal clear lakes, they’d rather sit in a hot tub; instead of hiking 10 miles, they’d like to visit the spa for the afternoon.

It might make the tough, hand-callused lumberjack types roll their eyes, but after a long massage and a visit to a wine bar, they’re usually singing a different tune.

And this can happen in Ely.

Lounging and luxuriating

The foundation of a luxurious vacation is, of course, where you stay. While some might be fine with a tent, others want king-sized beds, lakefront views or a resort with a beach and numerous family activities.

In Ely, it’s entirely possible to experience the north woods, the crack and pop of a fire and breathe the clean air, not just from a comfortable setting, but a lavish setting.

With several spas in town, a brewery, gourmet coffee shops and restaurants that are perfect for a glass of wine in the afternoon (because hey, you’re on vacation), Ely has all the amenities you would expect to find in a big city. But there’s one crucial difference: You have some of the most breathtaking wilderness just a few steps away.

And believe us, a massage at any time might be great, but after a day paddling or working out muscles you never knew existed, it’s simply heavenly.

And that’s just one reason why it’s so glorious when opposites travel together!