(BPT) - Although thousands of people visit Ely each year, everyone experiences it differently. There’s a lot to explore up here, but how you explore depends on what type of traveler you are.

You might find yourself in the following descriptions:

Adrenaline junkie. You own a lot of spandex and you’re not afraid to wear it. You go to bed thinking of your next thrill and you have a long list of adventures you need to get to. Ely has what you’re looking for. Whether you want to go mountain biking, or hope to go out and explore the wilderness in a canoe, or experience wilderness kayaking, we've got what you’re looking for.

The creative finder. You love all things unique, handmade and authentic. In high school you might have dyed your hair purple and in college biked around to art galleries. In Ely you’ll probably take a class at the Folk School, visit an art gallery and spend an afternoon in a secluded spot with a pad of paper and maybe some paints.

The would-be explorer. You wish you had been a French Voyageur or born in frontier times, before there were any cities, when the lakes and rivers were still unnamed. No wonder you came up to Ely! As this is the gateway to the Boundary Waters, there are countless ways to get out and explore a wilderness area that will make you feel like you’re the first one to see the place.

The searcher. You’ve read "Eat, Pray, Love" a few times, took a year off in college, or from a job, to travel different parts of the world. To satisfy your restless soul, there are countless ways to get out in the Ely area, find a quiet place and experience the spiritual Zen of being one with the most beautiful natural areas in the world.

The history buff. Before you go anywhere, you do your homework. You read up and familiarize yourself with the history of a place. Fortunately, Ely proudly shows off its heritage at the Ely Arts & Heritage Center, as well as Sigurd Olson’s cabin at Listening Point and the Dorothy Molter Museum.

The meticulous planner. No one ever described you as someone who “flies by the seat of your pants.” Well before you start packing your bags, you have every detail, every meal and every activity planned out. Each hour is blocked off so you won’t ever wonder what to do. To assist you in this, spend some time on our website, www.ely.org, which has all the resources you’ll need.

The shop-till-you-dropper. Wilderness adventure is great, but sometimes you want to walk around, enjoy modern creature comforts and shop. With craft breweries, cafes, dozens of restaurants, wine bars, spas, galleries, charming boutiques and craft stores, Ely will delight shopaholics of all stripes.