Whether you are seeking solace with fellow yogis or desire the adventure of developing new skills with your team, the North Woods is an accommodating place offering as much solitude, challenge, and renewal you are seeking.

Ely is a premier location for successful Corporate Retreats, Women’s Soirées and Zen Weekends intended to appease a variety of requirements and preferences. A lot goes into organizing and executing a successful retreat; setting a budget, picking a Venue, Lodging, Dining, and structuring those memorable activities in between energizing, envisioning and strategizing sessions.

Each season allows us to immerse ourselves in nature, not only in activities but in deliberate contemplation of our surroundings; gently lapping waters, the wind rippling through fall leaves or the gentle snow gathering on a window pane. Your goal and ours is that each attendee enjoys their time in Ely and their shared experiences leave them refreshed and reinvigorated. 

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