Tuesday Group

August 6, 2019 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Meetings are at the Grand Ely Lodge at noon on Tuesdays. More information will be available closer to the meeting dates.

This week we welcome Jeff Hanson. Jeff grew up in/near Babbitt and still spends time there at the family home on Birch Lake, although his current residence is actually in RI where his adult children live. He has been in the news from time to time over the past few years for his work on trying to develop a system for removing sulfates from mine effluent (see below). His company is Clear Water Biologic:
Jeff’s work was inspired by the need for the taconite companies to reduce the sulfate they are discharging into streams because it is negatively affecting the wild rice. The removal of sulfate would, of course, also apply to effluent from Cu-Ni sulfide ore mining operations. The process he has devised does work to remove sulfates, although he is trying to improve on the mechanics of the process to increase the reliability, uniformity and efficiency of it.
Here are a couple of links to articles and brief promo video about Jeff and ClearWater Biologic”
Jeff will present a brief summary of the current situation of sulfate and sulfide in the arrowhead region. Based on this panorama he will outline some of the sulfate treatment methods available. From there he will present a more in depth look at a biological sulfate and sulfide treatment technology that can minimize the environmental impacts of sulfate by removing sulfur from impacted waters. This locally developed technology addresses sulfate risks to wild rice, the environment and the local economies. A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

Location: Grand Ely Lodge
400 N Pioneer Road, Ely, MN, 55731

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