Wilderness Camping in Ely, Minnesota

Do you love camping in Minnesota? Enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday living and relaxing in the Minnesota wilderness? Wilderness camping in Ely, Minnesota is a great way to appreciate our lakes and rivers and relax. The best thing about wilderness camping in Ely is you can rough it, or experience it in “luxury,” depending on the wilderness lodging and amenities you prefer. Ely has private campgrounds as well as state- and federal-run campgrounds.

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Sometimes wilderness camping is categorized into “remote” and “park” camping. Whether you decide to pursue backwoods camping in Northern MN or traditional camping at a park, there are various camping essentials you should have on hand. Ely Minnesota outfitters, stores and parks can offer plenty of tips and recommend the appropriate equipment and safety gear.

Choose Your Style of MN Wilderness Camping

  • Remote camping. Enjoy nature in the backwoods along Ely’s various lakes and rivers via canoe, boat, kayak or backpacking. Click here to find an Ely, Minnesota Outfitter for all your canoeing and camping needs.
  • Park camping. The Ely area offers various drive-up campsites at state/federal camp sites. You can use tents, RVs, campers, etc. The parks vary in amenities such as bathrooms, electric and sewer hookups and more! Click here to find an Ely, Minnesota campground.

Ely, MN has beautiful wildlife to see, fishing, hiking, birding and you can incorporate wilderness canoeing into your camping trip. There is something for every age and every member of the family. The memories you create will stay with you for a lifetime as your wilderness camping trip allows you to stop and take time to appreciate the outdoors and nature’s bounty.

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