Hunting in Ely, MN

Minnesota DNR Page

As summer starts to wind down, the tempo of the area changes. Fall weather lends itself to a new pursuit—hunting. Ely is the center of a prime hunting area.

Whether you are looking forward to the quiet of a duck blind, a rambling road of fall color dotted with grouse, the still vibrant forest with roaming deer or bear—Ely is your perfect destination.

Nothing is like the excitement and expectation of opening day. Make it a tradition with family or friends. Create wonderful memories and stories, long and short, which will be told and retold around a campfire or a family table.

At the end of a long and successful day, relax in the comfort of one of our comfortable lodging facilities and dine in a local restaurant with its own unique menu. Forget a hunting essential? One of our local merchants will be there to fill in with anything you need.

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