Winter Activities In Ely, MN

Winter is a beautiful season in the pristine country that surrounds the Ely, MN area. The area is uncrowded and unspoiled so you have the freedom to move about as you like and at your own pace. Our vast expanse of forest and ice-covered lakes invite you, your family and friends to cross-country ski, snowmobile, photograph, fish, mush, snowshoe, explore and even camp. Choose any activity that interests and challenges you. The rewards will be worth it!

At the end of an exciting day outdoors, relax in the warmth and comfort of a motel, bed & breakfast or cabin. The area has a variety of accommodations for the winter visitor. Explore downtown Ely for a shopping experience with out-of-the ordinary home décor, gift selections and unique made-in-Ely clothing. While in Ely, MN we suggest that you venture into one of our fine restaurants and discover the rich and varied cuisine well suited to warming your spirits and satisfying your appetite. However you choose to spend your stay in the Ely area, you can be assured that your hosts will do everything possible to make your visit rewarding and enjoyable.

It may be more your style to head to a remote wilderness lake, camping and ice-fishing for several days. It is an experience you won’t forget. Cross-country ski, snowshoe or take a dog team into the woods, make camp and enjoy dinner over an open fire. After dark you may witness the breathtaking northern lights dancing across the sky. If you are lucky, you may hear the spine-tingling call of a timber wolf on some distant ridge.

We have been enjoying Northern Minnesota winters forever and we’re here to make sure you will too.

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