Ely Marathon

Have you ever imagined what views a Moose or WhiteTail Deer take in as they run through the wilderness? You will if you're taking part in the Ely Marathon, set in these magnificent north woods. A USATF-certified Boston Marathon qualifier, the Ely Marathon starts on the North Arm of Burntside Lake, runs along the historic Echo Trail, Shagawa Lake, and takes a quick loop around Miner's lake before coming to an end in downtown Ely. 

Events include the marathon, half marathon, a kids' race, 5K and the Portage & Relay race for those of you who think running a 26-mile marathon just isn't enough. How about running it carrying a canoe? That's right, people really do it.

A fun way to make the portage event into something mere humans can accomplish is to sign up for the Portage Relay. Gather a team of up to seven friends, co-workers, outfitter guides, employees or anyone who wants to join, and make it a relay, with each of you running a part of the course with your canoe. This is geared toward non-serious runners, with teams dressing to impress, making a statement, decorating their canoes and generally adding a sense of fun to the day.

To find out more or to register, visit ElyMarathon.com.