Fishing Report

When is the best time to go fishing?  Here in the north woods, every day is the best day.  Our area contains a wide range of lakes with varied depths, shoreline structures, and a wide range of fish species.  Seasoned anglers know success requires patience and a willingness to try different techniques.  If you have a youngster in the group, they will most likely catch the biggest fish - it always happens.  So, maybe no technique is a good strategy too.  For those interested in learning about lake structure, water quality, or creel surveys we encourage you to visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder page.  Area lakes will either be found in St. Louis or Lake County.  Minnesota Fishing Regulations

Weekly Fishing Report

Provided by Steven Renneberg ~ Arrowhead Outdoors

October 12th, 2022

***Fishing Report***


Walleye - Walleye fishing continues to be good for anglers still chasing them. 10 feet of water or less also continues to be where the best reports keep coming from. Up here, bigger minnows like creek chubs and/or pike suckers have been the bait of choice. Tipping them on a light jig or lindy rigging them has been very effective.  Weedbeds, points, and river mouths are where walleyes have been hanging out.


Pike - Pike fishing is where the best fishing has been this last week. That cold snap has the big pike up shallow and very aggressive right now. Big suckers and the biggest creek chubs you can find have been deadly. River mouths have been the best areas to find pike right now, but large rocky points and any green weeds you can find are where anglers find the pike.


Smallmouth - Smallies have started to put on the feed bag right now. Find any sunken island and drop a big minnow on it, you’re going to get bit, quickly! Bigger minnows will help keep off smaller smallies, so don’t be shy to drop an 8” minnow down there!