Fishing Report

When is the best time to go fishing?  Here in the north woods, every day is the best day.  Our area contains a wide range of lakes with varied depths, shoreline structures, and a wide range of fish species.  Seasoned anglers know success requires patience and a willingness to try different techniques.  If you have a youngster in the group, they will most likely catch the biggest fish - it always happens.  So, maybe no technique is a good strategy too.  For those interested in learning about lake structure, water quality, or creel surveys we encourage you to visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Lake Finder page.  Area lakes will either be found in St. Louis or Lake County.  Minnesota Fishing Regulations

Weekly Fishing Report

Provided by Steven Renneberg ~ Arrowhead Outdoors


March 7th, 2023

***Fishing Report***

Lake Trout - Lake trout anglers reported having a good weekend of trout fishing finally. Anglers found active trout up on classic lake trout spots such as sunken islands, main lake points, and neck-down areas between islands. 30-50 feet of water was the depth to be in. Spoons and bucktails around 3” in size continue to be the best size to get bites. Dead or alive suckers lying on the bottom have accounted for almost half of the lakers caught this winter, so be sure to tip-ups out with a minnow on the bottom. 

Stream Trout - Stream trout were active this last week, with some very big splake caught from some of the less pressured lakes in the area. Large splake were found in 20-40 feet of water, with spoons tipped with minnow heads. Rainbows and brookies were found in shallower water near downed trees. Here tungstens tipped with waxies were very effective on them. Early morning hours were the best time to fish for them. 

Panfish - With warm temperatures, anglers were out looking for crappies and sunnies. Seemed only a few anglers went home disappointed. Crappies and sunnies continue to be found in 20-30 feet of water over deep mud flats. Crappies and sunnies have simply been cruising around the mud flats looking for bugs and minnows. Small tungsten jigs tipped with soft plastics, wax worm, or crappie minnows has been very effective.