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The Ely Chamber of Commerce

Serving the Business Community

Our purpose is to “lead a thriving, sustainable economic community through leadership and advocacy, strategic partnerships, career development of its workforce, and business diversity and leadership.” The Ely Chamber of Commerce serves Ely, Winton, Babbitt, Embarrass, Isabella, and associated unincorporated areas as a chamber of commerce and visitor-information center.  Thousands of visitors stop in at the Chamber of Commerce office for information on area attractions, businesses, and events.

The Ely Chamber of Commerce’s operating budget is funded through voluntary investment by its members. We do not receive funding through the City of Ely, the Ely Tourism Bureau, or other tax dollars. We value our member’s investment in the Chamber and work hard to maximize each membership dollar. Membership dues are used for operational costs, training opportunities, advertising, and new business initiatives. 


We offer three different levels of membership depending on the business, organization, or individual applying. Our full members are businesses within our service area of Ely, Winton, Babbitt, Isabella and Embarrass. We offer sponsoring memberships for businesses outside of our service area but within the state of Minnesota. We also support clubs and organizations within our service area through...

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