Plan Your Trip

Ely Minnesota is the ideal destination for your next fishing trip.


An important key to any successful fishing trip is knowing where to fish. Hiring an expert fishing guide is a great solution to this problem.

Kinds Of Fish

It’s explosive. Spectacular. red-eyed, smallmouth bass going off the water like skyrockets. Crappie pin wheeling in bursts of silver. Northern pike...

Bait & Tackle

Another important element to a successful fishing trip in Ely Minnesota is having the right gear. Let us help you find a bait and tackle shop in Ely.

Best Fishing Spots

For as long as you are willing to listen, skilled fish-stalkers will tell you about the bait, the lure, the angle of the sun, the depth of the water and...

Ice Fishing

While the lakes may be covered with ice and snow, plenty of fish are hungry and waiting to grab hold of one of your fishing lures. This is the best time of...

Fishing Resorts

The first step in any fishing trip is finding the right Minnesota Fishing Resort. Ely Minnesota has a wide variety of fishing resorts and other lodging depending on your desired comfort level. Read More


Several pristine canoe routes can be found on many lakes and rivers that are outside the BWCAW, yet are within the National Forest boundaries. There are a variety of different wilderness canoeing experiences including a series of lakes... Read More

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness or BWCA is located in Minnesota in the northern third of the Superior National Forest. Over one million acres in size, the...