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Like podcasts? The "What's Up Ely" and  “My Ely Story” podcasts feature the unique and vibrant people who live, work, create, explore, and play in Ely. As one local character who has traveled the world once said, “Ely has more stories per square inch than any other place I've been.” These podcasts are a fun way to learn more about the people who call Ely home and current events in the Ely area.

"What's Up Ely" Podcast

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"Forest North" Podcast

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"My Ely Story" Podcast

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Meet Your Hosts

Lacey SqierLacey Squier

Lacey Squier moved Ely with her husband Eric and their dog Wendell in 2019, and she has been an outspoken Ely-enthusiast ever since! Her experiences studying interpersonal communication, creative writing, and leadership development combine to prepare her well for work as a professional conversationalist, aka host of the What's Up Ely Podcast. When not behind the microphone, Lacey manages an economic and community development program called Boundary Waters Connect and teaches pie and potica classes at the Ely Folk School.

Brett RossBrett Ross

An Ely resident since 1998, Brett has raised two children here, been involved with a number of area non-profit organizations, a youth sports coach and mentor, photographer, radio broadcaster and podcaster. He has a passion for trails- mountain biking, Nordic skiing, hiking and trail running- and thrives on giving back to the Ely community that has given so much to him.