"My Ely Story" Podcast

Like podcasts? “My Ely Story” is a new podcast featuring the unique and vibrant people who live, work, create, explore and play in Ely. As one local character who has traveled the world once said, “Ely has more stories per square inch than any other place I've been.”

Ely’s own Brett Ross hosts the program and he says: “Over the last two decades as part of WELY Radio, I've been able to capture and share many of these stories. Now, with My Ely Story, we'll share even more of the history, culture, creative endeavors, entrepreneurship, wilderness adventures and tales of resilience, struggle and survival that converge in Ely, Minnesota.”

Each episode highlights the myriad things that influence us individually and collectively as Elyites. Ely is strong and proud, rich in tradition and richer in the conviction of the people who love this place. Listen in to hear from those who are living their dream in Ely. 

You don’t have to be born here to represent and appreciate the landscape’s unique social, cultural, economic and natural attributes. To learn more about starting your Ely Story, check out our resources on relocating to Ely.

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"What's Up Ely" Podcast

The What’s up, Ely? Podcast is a podcast that provides an inside scoop on upcoming Ely, Minnesota area happenings for locals and visitors alike. With an abundance of opportunities for social engagement and adventure, how is one to know where to start? Let us help! New episodes of the What's Up Ely Podcast will air twice a month. Each episode will feature upcoming events, notable area happenings, and conversations with area residents.

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