Dogsledding in Ely, Minnesota

dogsleddingFor a breath-taking winter dogsledding adventure, nothing compares to driving a dog team or just riding along in a dog sled. In Ely, there are more sled dog trip providers than anywhere else in the world.

No experience required! Your sled dog guide has spent countless hours training their dogs all year long, so that you can experience an enjoyable trip. Your sled dog guide will teach you everything you need to know for your mushing experience, and you will learn how to harness the sled dog team and maneuver your very own sled.

Enjoy the excitement of the dogs as they lean into their harnesses eager to hit the trail.  With a surge the team is off and heading along the forested trails; the only sound is the sled runners gliding across the packed snow.  The wintry northwoods unfurls its beauty as the team travels deeper into the forest.

Whether you are looking for a half-day or full day excursion, seasoned mushers offer treks to meet your adventure plans.  Dogsledding is a fun winter excursion for all ages and skill levels.  This unique hands-on experience is waiting for you here in Ely, the Sled Dog Capital of the World.