Snowmobiling In Ely, MN

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The Ely area is northern Minnesota’s premier snowmobile hub with numerous on-trail facilities: accommodations for both large and small groups, and plenty of food, entertainment, and service centers. The Taconite Trail is the main thoroughfare in and out of Ely in the winter. Stretching 170 miles between Ely and Grand Rapids to the southwest, the Taconite trail's many spur routes will take you just about anywhere you want to go. The Tomahawk Trail, heading to the east, has 86 miles of varied terrain which the avid snowmobiler can use to connect with hundreds of miles more of groomed trails.

If phenomenal snowmobiling gets you excited about winter, then you need to ride in the Ely area! Experience the 170-mile Taconite Trail and the 80-mile Tomahawk Trail which was rated a Top 10 ride by Supertrax.  Spur trails like the Fishing Lake, Stony, Taconite, or Little Grassy and miles and miles of lake trails create a seemingly endless ride. Tree cover surrounding the trail edges and the lack of traffic allows you to have a true wilderness experience.

The Ely snowmobile trails are famous for their on-trail facilities where the trails stretch across three state forests as well as the Superior National Forest. Smooth rides along these famous routes are loaded with history and the Taconite trail's many spurs and loops make for some quality modern-day pioneering. Here in the Ely area, the trails work closely with the natural terrain offering one of the most scenic trail rides in the state. 

Many riders return to the Ely area each winter to enjoy its sheer beauty and varied terrain. It’s a region where people clearly love snowmobiling, and they know how to make you feel welcome. Find out for yourself!

Are you looking for a new and exciting trail ride?
Come to Ely and set off on the new Circle Tour ride! This self-guided, 3-5 day tour encompasses over 400 miles of pristine wilderness and awesome trails! Novice and experienced snowmobilers alike have the freedom to plan their own itinerary and experience friendly communities and quality services along the way. Usually, you can ride for miles and not see another sled! Now, that’s an awesome ride!

  • Day 1: Ride from Ely to Grand Marias
  • Day 2: Grand Marais to Atikokan
  • Day 3: Trip around Atikokan Trails
  • Day 4: Atikokan to Ely

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