(BPT) - Ah, spring in the Northwoods. This time of year might be designated as “spring” on the calendar, and in other places that means balmy winds, daffodils poking out of the rapidly melting snow and windows being opened wide for a lazy Saturday on the porch. And here in Ely, you might find all of those things. And the odd snowstorm or two.

Spring is an unpredictable season here in the north country, but it has a beauty and adventure all its own. If you’re thinking about waiting until summer is in full swing to plan your vacation, we’d encourage you to think again. It’s all about what you want to do. You can find some experiences unlike any other by venturing north when the rest of the country is thawing out.

Here are some insider tips for enjoying spring in the Northwoods:

It’s still winter. Sort of. You might find a pristine weekend of white, new snow to enjoy skiing, sledding or snowshoeing one last time before the seasons change. Or you might find conditions to be melting like mad. Mud? That’s a possibility, too. Leave those fancy suede boots at home and bring waterproof, warm footwear. Ditto for jackets.

Look for deals at lodges. Spring is the savvy traveler’s season to venture into the Northwoods. Your pocketbook will rejoice at the prices. This is the time to try that expensive lodge you’ve been wondering about.

Special programming. Many area lodges have special programming during the spring months when Mother Nature cannot be trusted to cooperate with guests’ plans. Speakers, authors, art classes, wine tastings, you name it, you can find it in Ely every spring.

A lawn chair, a fire pit and a beverage. Here’s a secret known by people who live in this area. There might be a foot of wet snow still on the ground, but the sun is strong in the springtime. It’s the perfect time to enjoy being outside in the snow. Settle into an Adirondack chair, light that firepit if you have one, grab a book and your favorite beverage and you’re in for a Northwoods springtime treat.

Enjoy the quiet. Springtime in the outdoors is more solitary than any other season here. Bring the right gear and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store for you, and you’ll enjoy the wilderness on your terms.