Story Ideas

Ely’s strength lies in its diverse offering of activities, history and people, all set adjacent to and within one of the world’s greatest natural treasures. Our surroundings drive a passion and loyalty, found within those who visit, return and live here. 

We are a community bursting at the seams with experiences to be had, stories to be told and sights to behold. Even in the harshest of winter days, you’ll find hearty folks skiing silently through the snowy woods, others blazing along groomed trails on a snowmobile or dashing through the snow behind an energetic dogsled team. 

Summer days are dedicated to the water, wetting a line and camping under the stars. The next day? Slinging mud along the hundreds of miles of ATV trails cut into the endless forest we unanimously adore.

Calendars are marked for ice-out and Fall colors while fingers are continuously crossed for the geomagnetic storms that cast the spectacular Northern Lights. Every season has its own wonder and beauty here in Ely, Minnesota.  

This is a collection for those who have a story to tell. Tall tales and recollections from yesterday’s trails are welcome! If you’d like to hear more about life in Ely, check out My Ely Story, a Podcast for those who can’t get enough of life in the Northland!