International Wolf Center

There are few things more breathtaking and enchanting than hearing wolves howl in the night. Encountering these elusive animals in the wilderness is rare. However, you and your family can see them up close and personal at the International Wolf Center. 

The Center's Exhibit Pack varies in composition as wolves age and new wolf pups are socialized. Currently, the Exhibit Pack includes five gray wolves (Canis lupus): Grayson, Axel, Rieka, Caz, and Blackstone. Grayson and Axel represent the wolves found in the Arctic region of North America and Greenland, while Rieka, Caz, and Blackstone represent wolves found in the more temperate regions of North America.

These ambassador wolves are the anchor of the Center's mission by reinforcing its educational messages and creating a connection with everyone who is lucky enough to see them as they play, eat, sleep, and tussle with each other. Several times daily, our educator interns will introduce the pack through captivating programs for children and adults.

In keeping with the Center's mission of education, it hosts school groups, gives webinars and lectures, and hosts the International Wolf Symposium every four years.

In the Discover Wolves exhibit, you will learn how wolves were important to various cultures over time. You will learn about radio telemetry when you take a seat in a simulated airplane cockpit, push a button, and take off on a pack-tracking mission over a frozen lake. You can also explore a field exam station where young and old alike can learn how — and why — these field exams are done. These are just a few of the features of our exhibit.

For adventure seekers, field trips deep into wolf country will help you discover your wild side. You'll howl to wild packs, get firsthand experience with wolf research techniques, and learn about other wildlife species.

Wrap up your adventure with a stop at the Wolf Den Store and bring home a special memento of your unforgettable visit to Wolf Country.