Tours in Ely, MN

Boundary Waters Dark Skies

Have you ever truly enjoyed the night sky? Constellations overhead, meteor showers, and the northern lights weaving its own story each night.  Of course, the moon creating its own beauty in the mixture of dark and light. Northern lights, also called aurora borealis, are best viewed during new moons and solar activity is elevated.  Meteor showers and comets occur throughout the year, and there is nothing better than laying out on a dock or campsite watching the streaks of white traveling across the sky.  No matter the time of year, our corner of the world provides the dark canvas for the ongoing cosmic dance.  

Tour the Arts of Ely

View murals and sculptures located throughout the city of Ely. Noted artists include Bill Defenbaugh, Sharon Anderson, Bob Cary, Ellen Sauer, Mike Sinesio, Elsa Maubach Jemne, and many other Ely artists. Tour the Arts of Ely flyer

Touring Historic Ely

A driving tour guide of the area, starting at the Chamber office to points of interest today and the mining and lumber mill areas which initially attracted folks to the area. Visit some of Ely's oldest buildings and learn the history behind these points of interest. Several locations are on the outskirts of Ely and in neighboring, Winton MN.  Touring Historic Ely flyer

Tefft's 10 Birding Tour

Bill Tefft is an avid birder and has put together a guide with his 10 favorite birding spots. Visit sites around town, on the edge of Ely, and along County Road 88.  Tefft's 10 Birding Tour flyer

Ely Mural Walk

Visit fifteen in-town and four out-of-town murals created by 10 different Ely artists. Some of these artistic pieces were created decades ago, beginning in 1939 with Elsa Laubach Jemne's murals in the Ely United States Post Office. Locations and details of each mural are listed in the downloadable guide.  Ely Mural Walk guide

Trezona Trail Self-guided Historic Mining Tour

Take a self-guided tour along the Trezona Trail and learn about the five mines that once operated here in Ely. The "It All Began with Mining" guide provides excellent background information on each mine and the rich mining history of this area.  Trezona Trail guide

Historical Rich Walking Tour

Learn about Ely's rich history on this fun and educational walking tour.  Historically Rich Walking Tour guide

Top Areas for Scenic Fall Color

As the greens shift to golds, oranges, and reds, the north woods becomes a beautifully painted palette with vivid pines, birch, aspen, and maples.  Enjoy scenic drives and hikes in our corner of the Superior National Forest.  Fall Color Tour